I’m not really sure what you expect to read here…

I believe that nobody who knows me in real life (not internet of course), is going to read this, because those persons know enough about me…

So let’s start with the usual stuff (partially mentioned in my CV); I am born in Vienna, on the 17th November 1980. I tend to call myself a techie and nerd and held several (very) technical positions in the past 2 (almost 3) decades. Currently I’m working as a (People) Manager for Customer Success at Red Hat. I’m a strong believer in open source and I’m also working with/for it. There are a lot of projects that I’m involved and a lot of projects, that I monitor/use and report bugs of course.
I created this site for people who are interested in what I do. That’s why I provide my CV here. 🙂

I’m not a good (web) designer and doing layouts isn’t really my thing. I used to have this “site” in pure, static HTML, now it’s running on WordPress – which makes life a little easier. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m used to web development, but more on backend side, rather than frontend side. I don’t know if this web site is an eye-cacher or not; I think the design is OK and it fulfills it’s purpose.

If you have any suggestions what I may should add to this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me!